Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Just Lost My Blogging Virginity...

For the past year and a half, I've been on Facebook. It's become sort of goal for me to crack people up each day with my status updates. It seems to work. Some people take their status updates so seriously, then there are the people who seem to think others care that they "just got home from work." There are also the people who never post anything at all. Me, well, I've just always been a fan of making people laugh. Yes, sometimes I might get a little sappy. I'm even guilty of wishing a happy holiday every now and then. My Facebook fame (I use the word "fame" loosely) seems to come from my posts dealing with my hatred of Mondays and my love of Fridays. In fact, I have been asked several times to demonstrate my "Friday Dance" that I mention a lot. Sometimes, I get so many requests for it, I start to think that I really should come up with one. Honestly, I'm just addicted to hearing the words "I loved your post today." I am a performer, after all. I'll take praise anywhere I can get it, even if it means blogging. So, I raise my coffee cup to my Facebook friends. Thank you for making me branch out to other means of entertaining people, because there are days when 1 sentence just isn't enough. Maybe, someday, I'll hear the words "I loved your blog today!" What's 1 more profile to keep up with anyway, right?